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Scooped by Barry Deutsch

Can We Really Test People for Potential?

People are complex. We need a more nuanced approach to predicting job performance.
Barry Deutsch's insight:

Very good research article in the MIT review.


My experience over 30 years of hiring and performance management consulting, and over 1000 executive search projects is that there is NO test that is predicative of future performance.

The intellectual tests do not predict future performance. They simply give you a perspective on raw intelligence – the ability to logically and rationally process information.


The personality assessments do not predict performance – they simply give you insight into a person’s preferred behavior/communication style in a work setting. Most of the tests are easily manipulated by the candidate into answering questions or checking words that the hiring manager wants to hear – not the real candidate.


Both of these are still useful tools and insights even with their flaws.


However, the ONLY way to predict future performance is to conduct a performance or success based structured interview that correlates with the outcomes desired in the role. Adding role plays, homework, and working/practical sessions/real case studies – along with deep and intrusive reference checking can boost interview accuracy from what most of the studies show is basically a 50/50 success rate into the 80-90 percent range.

Orientation Professionnelle's curator insight, December 27, 2023 4:17 PM

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Scooped by Barry Deutsch

Empty titleHiring Mistake #6: Interview FAILURE - Acting Skills Don’t Correlate to On-The-Job Success

Empty titleHiring Mistake #6: Interview FAILURE - Acting Skills Don’t Correlate to On-The-Job Success | Hire Top Talent | Scoop.it

One of the greatest mistakes in hiring occurs when we observe how well someone interviews as an actor or actress - not good of an employee will they be in our unique culture.

Barry Deutsch's insight:

Stop evaluating candidates in interviews based on their acting skills. Sometimes the best actors/actresses are not the best performers. Sometimes candidates who don't "perform" well in the interview, turn out to be your best employees. As a hiring manager or executive - how do you avoid making these classic mistakes?

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Scooped by Barry Deutsch

Which of These 5 Engineering Recruiting Mistakes Are You Making?

Which of These 5 Engineering Recruiting Mistakes Are You Making? | Hire Top Talent | Scoop.it
Making easily avoidable engineering recruiting mistakes can cause significant damage for no reason. Save your company from losing out on top talent.
Barry Deutsch's insight:

Common mistakes in hiring - especially my favorite soapbox issue of not defining your expectations, results, outcomes desired which is the NUMBER ONE mistake in hiring for any job!

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Scooped by Barry Deutsch

Hire and Retain Top Talent

Hire and Retain Top Talent | Hire Top Talent | Scoop.it

Do you Google candidates before you interview them? Do you check out their on-line "personas?" Do their pictures, comments, profiles convey the type of person you want to hire for your culture and values?

Barry Deutsch's insight:

Scary how many employers don't check out candidates through social media - Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Afraid of what you might see?


Do you have a horror story you would like to share of how the actor/actress from the interview was different from their on-line persona?

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Scooped by Barry Deutsch

Why Your Employee Referral Program is Broken

Why Your Employee Referral Program is Broken | Hire Top Talent | Scoop.it
Learn how to design your hiring structure to maximize the underlying causes of referral benefits with social hiring or team-based hiring.
Barry Deutsch's insight:

If employee referrals are one of the top channels for quality employees why is it at the bottom of investments in hiring for most companies. This doesn't make any sense. Your best people come from referrals - yet you spend the least investment and effort around referrals. WHY?

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Scooped by Barry Deutsch

Empty Why Do Most Interviews Have A Low Correlation to Success?

Empty Why Do Most Interviews Have A Low Correlation to Success? | Hire Top Talent | Scoop.it

Acting in the interview does not correlate to success.

Barry Deutsch's insight:

Have you ever hired someone that said all the right things in the interview (like an actor or actress) – yet fell flat on their face after they came aboard?

Miklos Szilagyi's curator insight, April 24, 2017 10:01 AM
I just go one step further.... Have you met guys who are brilliant on gamification (in the old times simple training games) and they are just not there for real work? They love playing but they hate working... more common than you just think now...
Scooped by Barry Deutsch

Hiring Mistake #4: Falling In/Out of Love During Interviews

Hiring Mistake #4: Falling In/Out of Love During Interviews | Hire Top Talent | Scoop.it

Hiring executives and managers rely too heavily on first impressions (falling in or out of love in the interview) to hire candidates"

Barry Deutsch's insight:

What happens when you like a candidate (or don't like a candidate) based on first impressions? How easy/hard do you go interviewing.


Some of the research in hiring indicates that a large percentage of hiring managers make decisions on candidates based on likability, rapport, and chemistry.


Do you find this happening to you in the interview?

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